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This page is for anyone with a Professional Wedding Site.  Here is a resource that you can give away at your site.  It is a Sample Wedding Ceremony Program Pack.  It contains a template and 8 different wedding programs.  Every couple is looking for an order of the ceremony, and for other elements to add to their wedding.  They also are looking for ideas for things to include in their program to honor friends and family.  This is an excellent resource. 

If you will email me a cover letter with your own unique message, stationery, logo and contact information, I will add your Cover Letter to the Wedding Program Pack and bundle it together in an Adobe PDF format.  You can then add the Sample Wedding Ceremony Program Pack to your site or use it as an email attachment or however you wish. 

Imagine what could happen when someone finds you on the web, downloads this free and valuable tool, saves it with you information on the front page, and as they think about their upcoming wedding details, they could be looking at your list of services, list of amenities, pricing, discounts, etc.  Then in a few days, they receive an email from you thanking them for visiting your site and seeing if they have any questions or if your could set up a FREE consultation with them.

One example of a way to use it is to offer it as a free download from your website.  Set up a simple form on your website and ask your guests to give you their name and email or whatever information your desire.  (The less information you request, the better your response will be.) 

Please download the sample below to see an example

Of course, I include my contact information concerning the Wedding Vow Kit and Wedding Rehearsal Genie since I compiled this little tool.  This is a "win-win-win" resource since it gives (1st win) you and your business a wonderful and much sought after wedding resource, it also gives (2nd winme a small amount of publicity.  I am hoping they will click through to my site after looking this over and consider purchasing my material.  It is also a "win" for (3rd win) the couple since it will give them more than enough information to work with absolutely free. 

Since our businesses are complimentary and not in competition.  It is an excellent way to "Joint Venture."

I really hope you will consider this.  I have had so many people take advantage of the free download from my sight since I put it up and I do not even advertise it.  Imagine if I advertised it with Google or Yahoo. 

Please read the information in the box carefully and then click on the link to download a sample.

Thank You So Much and Blessings on Your Weddings!

Dr. Carr

Instructions for Downloading

Right Click below and "save target as" to your desktop or whichever file you want to save this in. 

Left Click to open in your browser.

This is Adobe Acrobat PDF


Wedding Program Pack with Personalized Cover Letter

PS  Email me at with a copy of your cover letter on your stationery and I will package it for you in Adobe PDF Format.  Be sure to include all of your contact information so your clients will have it.  You can even include an autoresponder address if you have one.  If you do not have an autoresponder but would like to try one out, Get Response is the one I use.  It is easy to work with, and it has a Free 30 Day Trial.  I love it because it simplifies and automates this entire process.  Take the free 30 Day Test Drive.  You will love it as much as I do.  Take advantage of the Customer Service Support Phone Number.  I have tested it and they really do offer 24 hour support.  They are really helpful and will walk you through anything you need.  They really helped me set up everything involved with my Clickbank account.  To get more information or try it out, click below.

Get Response

PPS  If you would ever consider becoming one of my Affiliates, then when someone clicked through your site to purchase the Wedding Vow Kit or the Wedding Rehearsal Genie, you would receive a 50% Commission on each sale you refer.  I work through Clickbank which is a great company, and it is free to sign up for the Affiliate program.  There is a separate Publisher Program if you ever wanted to sell your own digital products through Clickbank, but you do not have to fill out that portion of the application in order to create a free Clickbank Affiliate account.  I would be truly honored if you would consider being an affiliate and offering these wonderful resources through your Wedding Website or emails. 

You can do so at the link below.


After you set up your Clickbank account let me know by emailing me at and I will send you an affiliate link you can use on your website or in an email.

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